Project Description

Within the framework of the “Saer Year”, a program dedicated to studying, disseminating and celebrating the figure and work of one of the greatest Argentine writers born in our province, the Rosa Galisteo Museum has inaugurated the exhibition “Conexión Saer”.

In this exhibition we have participated with the development of  the SAER MAP. In a visit to Princeton University, the Professor Arcadio Díaz Quiñones asked Saer if he could specify the most important places and routes of his literature. With a copy of the map of the city, the narrator, in his own hand, marked some highlights. This map refers us directly to the texts that inhabit it and gives a new thickness to the silent planimetry to make it a familiar place.

Soluciones YPunto develops this interactive map where visitors to the sample navigate the streets of the city and the points marked by Saer.
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